The Business Process Excellence Company

Black Belt Training

Programme contents

The course consists of 4 blocks following the DMAIC cycle:

Block 1. Project Definition and Measurement

  • General Lean Six Sigma Introduction.
  • Define Voice of Customer (Outside-In).
  • Define Project Selection Process.
  • Define Project Definition - Project Charter.
  • Define Process Mapping.
  • Measure Voice of Customer to Critical to Quality (CTQ).
  • Measure Measurement Definition (Y)
  • Measure Performance Standards
  • Measure Measurment System Analysis (MSA)
  • Measure Data Collection Plan
  • Measure Introduction Minitab
  • Measure Basics of Statistics (part 1)
  • IDEX Operational use of Measurement
  • CAP Leading Change
  • CAP Creating a Shared Need (a.o. Threat-Opportunity Matrix)
  • CAP Shaping a Vision (a.o. Elevator Speech)
  • CAP Mobilizing Commitment (a.o. Stakeholder Analysis)
  • General Project Selection/ Reviews

Block 2. Analyse

  • Analyse Process Performance Definition/ Analyse
  • Analyse Project Entitlement (Performance Objective)
  • Analyse Improvement Strategy
  • Analyse Identification Causes of Variation (X’s) (part 1)
  • Analyse Basics of Statistics (part 2)
  • Analyse Hypothesis Testing (a.o. ANOVA; T-test; Regression; Mood's Median)
  • Analyse Practical Execution of Data Analysis
  • Lean Lean Simulation Exercise (a.o. 5S; Waste; Flow; Kanban; Pull)
  • General Project Reviews

Block 3. Improvement

  • Improve Identification Causes of Variation - Vital Few Causes (X’s) (part 2)
  • Improve Types of Improvements (a.o. Mistake Proofing)
  • Improve Execution of Experiment (a.o. DOE)
  • Improve Risk Analysis
  • Improve Implementation Strategy (a.o. Pilot)
  • IDEX Operational use of Improvements
  • CAP Making Change Last (Critical Succes Factors for Change)
  • CAP Monitor Progress (Behavioral Change Analysis)
  • CAP Systems and Structures (The 8 Aspects; Helping/Hurting)
  • General Project Reviews

Block 4. Control, DMAIC Exercise and Theoratical Exam

  • Control Tolerance Levels
  • Control Determination Project Results
  • Control Control Charts (a.o. SPC)
  • Control Control Plans (Out of Control Action Plans)
  • Control Project Closure
  • IDEX Sustain Operational use of Measurement/ Improvements
  • DMAIC General DMAIC Simulation Exercise
  • General Project Reviews
  • General Theoractical Exam

Schedule & Venue 2017

The training programme consists of 4 blocks, each lasting four days.

Block 1: Project definition and measurement
Block 2: Analysis phase
Block 3: Improvement phase
Block 4: Control phase

Schedule of planned Open Bb Training:
Training 2017
Block 1: 6-9 March 2017
Block 2: 10-13 April 2017
Block 3: 15-18 May 2017
Block 4: 19-22 June 2017

Session times are from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Course venue: TBD


Open Black Belt training fees:
€ 11,000 ex 6% administration costs and VAT

  • 4x4 days training incl. interactive exercises (in Dutch).
  • Course material in the form of a syllabus (in English) + handouts.
  • E-mail helpdesk.
  • Project selection advice during the course.
  • Project review for the duration of the course.
  • Lunch, coffee, tea, soft drinks.
  • Optional examination.
  • Certification (following examination).
Not included:
  • Minitab Software.


R&G – Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Brochure