The Business Process Excellence Company

Green Belt Training

Programme contents

The course consists of 4 blocks following the DMAIC cycle:

Block 1. Project Definition and Measurement

  • Lean Six Sigma introduction.
  • Six Sigma project definition.
  • Customer Requirements translated into CTQ.
  • Minitab.
  • Introductory statistics.
  • Perfomance Standards.
  • Measurement system analysis

Block 2. Analysis phase

  • Process Performance
  • Pareto, Ishikawa diagram
  • Integrating Lean and Six Sigma
  • Hypothesis testing
  • T test
  • One way ANOVA
  • Regression
  • Six Sigma case

Block 3. Improvement phase

  • Identification of the 'Vital Few X's'
  • Setting up an experiment
  • Lean Tools
  • Design of Experiment Factorial Design
  • Sources of variance
  • Introduction to Statistical Process Control
  • Control charts
  • Presentation techniques

Schedule & Venue 2014 / 2015

The training programme consists of 3 blocks, each lasting 2 days.

The dates for these 3 blocks can be fixed in consultation with interested parties.
Course venue: to be determined


Open Green Belt training:
€ 4,250 excl VAT

  • 3x2 days training incl. Interactive exercises (Dutch).
  • Course material in syllabus form (in English) + handouts.
  • E-mail helpdesk.
  • Project selection advice.
  • Project review for the duration of the course.
  • Lunch, coffee, tea, soft drinks.
  • Optional examination.
  • Certification (only in case of examination).
Not included:
  • Minitab Software.